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1/23/2019 Other
Addressing the Government Shutdown

Dear PTAA Members:
As you know, the ongoing partial government shutdown has stretched beyond one month, affecting more than 800,000 federal workers as well as Section 8 recipients across the country. Those who are not receiving paychecks as a result of the shutdown may soon have difficulty meeting financial obligations. In light of these issues and the effects on our industry, we want to provide some resources and information to assist you as you work with affected residents.
As you make arrangements with impacted residents, it’s important to keep in mind that the potential length of the shutdown is unknown and is outside the control of those who are affected. It is also understood that federal employees impacted by the shutdown will receive back-pay at some point when the government reopens.
There are several options for owner/operators when working with affected residents, including waiving late fees or accepting partial payments during the shutdown. It is recommended that you document any arrangements made in writing.
NAA has provided many useful resources for owners and managers to serve as a guide during this difficult time, such as the attached sample letter and Eviction Holdoff Agreement. In addition, NAA has published a FAQ for Property Managers addressing these issues.
We are aware that as the shutdown continues, there will be increasing media attention and our members may be contacted by media. We encourage you to share the ways you are working with those who are affected and emphasize the apartment industry’s commitment to working with residents during this unique and challenging time. NAA is prepared with staff members who can be reached at to guide and support you in handling media requests.
As always, we appreciate our members and the work that you do. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to assist you.